Sneak Peak Recap

Here is a quick recap of all the stuff we’ve shown off over the past few weeks on our Discord server, and some new hints. 😀

Research GUI.

Depending on what you’re researching, Arcana will have different minigames. Here is a look at the basic minigame, it’s based on the classic one from Thaumcraft 4, but with a few tweaks.


The Arcanum Research Book

Your trusty book in Arcana will be the Arcanum, it will not only guide you over the mod but also the lore of the world. Here is a little look at the GUI, and the first introduction to Arcana.

“In my travels, I came across a set of scribbled notes, I didn’t think much of it at first other than the very cryptic message written in black ink “Listen to the unseen tears between dimensions, they speak of untold power that can shape the world.” I pondered about its possible meaning for days on end but no matter how long I spent in my study nothing came to mind for the life of me, but I guess it’s like how the old saying goes, inspiration comes when you least expect it.

As I stepped outside to clear my head a strange sensation overcame me, almost like a subtle pulse of energy passed by as I walked. I looked around to find the source of it but nothing was in sight. Then I tried focusing on this sensation, it was weak but I could sense it. The feeling got stronger the closer I got to the source, carefully treading the path I walked. Eyes closed and mind focused.

I stopped, reached out and I felt a slight tingle against my fingertips, It was there! Just something that the normal eye can’t see. Is this what the scribbled notes referred to? What is this presence? I need to know more! That’s why I started writing in this book, to keep a record of all my findings. I have a feeling, that this is just the beginning of my journey into the unknown…”

The Aspect Jar

Aspects can come in a number of different forms. Normally all aspects are attached to objects or beings, but with a little persuasion can be separated into a liquid known as Essentia or purified a gas-like substance known as Vis. You’ll become very familiar with Essentia and Vis as they are key parts in your journey to become a Thaumaturge. 

No one knows everything, only learning can widen the mind to new ideas and experiences. Let’s start you down the path of becoming a Thaumaturge.  The way you discover your new knowledge will depend on what you’re researching, but every form of research starts with one very basic thing… Aspects. Aspects are no good to you when they’re attached to a being or an object, so we first separate them. To separate the aspects from the objects, you’ll need to make yourself three pieces of equipment.

Aspect Jar
Arcane Alembic

You’ll need to start by placing down your Crucible and stoking a fire under it, we’re going to need some heat to get this process to work. Place the Arcane Alembic above your Crucible, making sure there is a one-block gap between the Alembic and the Crucible. Lastly, fill the Crucible with water and watch it start to boil.

As said before, every object in the world is made up of aspects, to start separating them, drop the object into the Crucible. It will then be collected by the Alembic. Clicking on the Alembic will allow you to see all the aspects it has collected, and don’t worry about running out of space, the Alembic can store any number and any type of aspect.

Now you have separated the aspect from the object, you now need to collect that aspect so you can use it in your research. Place the Aspect Jar inside the Alembic and select the aspect you would like to drain. An Aspect Jar can only ever hold one type of Aspect.

You can then place the Aspect Jar or Jars around your Research Table to use them. Objects like Aspect Bookshelves can be used to store more Jars in a smaller space around the table, and the process can be automated better with the use of pipes.



We showed off our list of aspects a while ago, but there have been some tweaks here and there.

-Primal Aspects

Air (Aer)
Fire (Ignis)
Water (Aqua)
Order (Ordo)
Chaos (Perditio)
Earth (Terra)

-Tier One Aspects
Cold (Gelum) – Fire + Chaos
Light (Lux) – Air + Fire
Motion (Motus) – Air + Order
Transmutation (Potentia) – Order + Chaos
Strength (Virivus) – Fire+ Order
Weather (Tempestas) – Air + Water
Void (Inanis) –  Air + Chaos
Poison (Venenum) – Water + Chaos
Life (Victus) – Water + Earth
Crystal (Crystallo) – Order + Earth

-Tier Two Aspects
Beast (Bestia) – Motion + Life
Plants (Herba) – Earth + Life
Journey (Itla) – Earth + Motion
Slime (Limus) – Water + Life
Metal (Metallum) –  Earth + Crystal
Death (Mortuus) – Chaos + Life
Mana (Praecantatio) – Strength + Void
Darkness (Tenebris) – Light + Void
Imprison (Vinculum) – Chaos + Motion
Flight (Volatus) – Air + Motion

-Tier Three Aspects
End (Finis)- Void + Darkness
Wood (Arbor) – Air + Plants
Aura (Auram) – Air + Mana
Flesh (Corpus) –  Beast + Death
Undead (Exanimis)-  Motion + Death
Spirit (Spritius) –  Life + Death

-Tier Four Aspects
Senses (Sensus) – Air + Spirit
Mind (Cognitio) –   Order + Spirit
Nether (Neque) – Fire + Spirit

-Tier Five Aspects
Eldritch (Alienis) – Mind + Chaos
Taint (Viriums) – Chaos + Mana
Creation (Creaturae) – Mind + Sense

-Tier Six Aspects
Tool (Instrumentum) – Creation + Order
Crop (Messis) – Creation + Plant
Mine (Perodio) – Creation + Earth

-Tier Seven Aspects
Crafting (Fabrico) – Creation + Tool
Mechanism (Mchina)  – Tool + Motion
Harvest (Meto) – Crop + Tool
Fabric (Pannus) – Tool + Beast
Weapon  (Telum) – Tool + Fire
Amour (Tutamen) – Tool + Creation
Man (Humanus) – Creation + Mind

-Tier Eight
Lust (Libidine) – Man + Flesh
Sloth (Otiosum) – Man + Imprison
Gluttony (Gula) – Man + Void
Warth (Ira)- Man + Weapon
Envy (Invidia)- Man + Creation
Pride (Superbia)- Man + Fabric
Greed (Cupiditas)- Man + Metal

This is something we should use more

Looking over some of our links today, I suddenly remember we had this 😀  Sorry for not putting blogs out as we said, but to tell the truth, over the past few months there hasn’t been a huge amount to talk about. It’s not that we’re not working on the mod, its that we’ve been working on stuff that doesn’t really look that pretty. Working on getting stuff working, and then adding the shiny stuff after.

I did plan to show off more in dev stuff, but when we do people seem to think that’s the final product, and we get lots of bad responses. So I would like to hear your feedback on if you would like to see more of the clunky in progress stuff before we add the polish.

I’m going to use the blog post as a kind of FAQ, we’ve had a few questions buildup, so let see if we can clear some stuff up.

What version will Arcana be for?

At the moment we’re working on a 1.15.2 build, with plans to backport to 1.12.2 if it’s still in demand when the mod is done.

When will Arcana be out?

I don’t ever want to put a set deadline on it, but I would hope we have something stable by the end of the year, and lots of betas before that. I know that seems like a long time, but Arcana is huge, and sadly as much as we would like to work on it 24/7, work and real life have to come first over modding. We hope that the wait will be worth it.

Will you support addons?

Yes. It would be some kind of crime not too.

Will you add xxx into the mod?

We have a suggestions place in our Discord server. If you place an idea in there, it might be added. Some ideas in there are huge, please keep in mind we’re only a small dev team and can’t do everything. As I keep saying, don’t get hyped off your own ideas.

Will Arcana be open source? 

Yes, but while we’re building the mod it isn’t. When we have the first build-out we will open it to all. This will allow people to update the mod, should they wish, when we have moved on to other projects. We are huge supporters of open source mods. Lots of cool mods have gone due to the code being closed.

What’s going to be worked on after taint?

After taint, we will be working on the speel creation and research system. We’ve already started work on these, and hope to show you more soon!


How taint will work

Taint in Arcana will work a bit differently from the taint in Thaumcraft. In Arcana your world will have an overall Taint level, the hight your taint level the more aggressive the taint will spread and damage your world. Higher taint levels will mean the taint will have more power and therefore be able to do more damage and spread faster. Lower levels of taint damage can somewhat be reversed with the right tools and spells, but the more powerful the taint the more deadly and harder to remove it is. The taint level will start at 0 and will only start to spread at 5, allowing people who don’t want to use to mod, should it be in a modpack, to not need to worry about taint covering their base.

No taint biomes

Arcana will not have any taint biomes. Tainted trees, mobs and other objects will spawn in your world. When the taint level hits more than 5, they will start to convert the land around them and spread taint. Some of these objects may look perfectly normal until taint starts to spread… Maybe you should keep an eye on the pet of yours.

Let’s taint everything!

Taint in Arcana will taint everything it’s its path, every mob, tree and block. Even villagers are not safe. Villager trapped in taint spread will start to go insane. Trust me you do not want to be around when they are like that… Someone even told me they ate their own cats. You’ll be able to see taint in real-time tainting your world and converting block and mobs. Taint will also not just spread on the surface of your world. It will also taint the underground.

Here is a video showing our taint system:

Taint magic

Arcana will have its own tainted magic book for you to find new spells and objects. We’re calling it the book of taint for now, but we’re going to think of a better name soon 😀 This will be one of the 3 books of magic in the game. So sometimes you might want a higher taint level in your world. Tainted magic will come with strong ways to control taint and even use it to your advantage… But be watchful taint can be a tricky beast to tame.

A look at the book of taint.

Growing taint level

A number of things can grow the taint level, using taint for spells, killing some bosses, and making mistakes with your magic.

Controlling taint

Like in Thaumcraft taints worst nightmare is Silverwood, and in Arcana we’re expanding this a bit. Anything from a magical forest biome can help stop or slow taint, from the tall grass and mushrooms to the Silverwood trees. However, these won’t help get your taint level lower. You may have trapped the taint for now, but as the level gets higher the stronger it will get. Those Silverwood trees may not be able to hold it back forever. This is where Taint Scrubbers come in. They will clean taint and also lower the taint level. Allowing you to stop and remove the taint.

However, your world may not look the same even once the taint has gone. Anything living will be killed by the taint. So trees, grass, and land will look a bit like a wasteland.

Bigger servers

We’ve got your back. Having a world taint level will not be such a good idea here, so we’ll put in a system to turn it off and change to a personal taint level. – Still working on this bit and how it will work 😀

Final note

With Arcana we want to make taint be a real issue, but at the same time give you to tools to manage it.

Welcome to the arcana dev blog

Hello! Welcome to the all-new Arcana dev blog. We’re going to be using this site to list and store all our info drops. This should allow people to find them easier and so they don’t get lost our Discord servers news feed.

If you have any issues with the site, please let me know!
– SleepingTea