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Looking over some of our links today, I suddenly remember we had this 😀  Sorry for not putting blogs out as we said, but to tell the truth, over the past few months there hasn’t been a huge amount to talk about. It’s not that we’re not working on the mod, its that we’ve been working on stuff that doesn’t really look that pretty. Working on getting stuff working, and then adding the shiny stuff after.

I did plan to show off more in dev stuff, but when we do people seem to think that’s the final product, and we get lots of bad responses. So I would like to hear your feedback on if you would like to see more of the clunky in progress stuff before we add the polish.

I’m going to use the blog post as a kind of FAQ, we’ve had a few questions buildup, so let see if we can clear some stuff up.

What version will Arcana be for?

At the moment we’re working on a 1.15.2 build, with plans to backport to 1.12.2 if it’s still in demand when the mod is done.

When will Arcana be out?

I don’t ever want to put a set deadline on it, but I would hope we have something stable by the end of the year, and lots of betas before that. I know that seems like a long time, but Arcana is huge, and sadly as much as we would like to work on it 24/7, work and real life have to come first over modding. We hope that the wait will be worth it.

Will you support addons?

Yes. It would be some kind of crime not too.

Will you add xxx into the mod?

We have a suggestions place in our Discord server. If you place an idea in there, it might be added. Some ideas in there are huge, please keep in mind we’re only a small dev team and can’t do everything. As I keep saying, don’t get hyped off your own ideas.

Will Arcana be open source? 

Yes, but while we’re building the mod it isn’t. When we have the first build-out we will open it to all. This will allow people to update the mod, should they wish, when we have moved on to other projects. We are huge supporters of open source mods. Lots of cool mods have gone due to the code being closed.

What’s going to be worked on after taint?

After taint, we will be working on the speel creation and research system. We’ve already started work on these, and hope to show you more soon!


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