How taint will work

Taint in Arcana will work a bit differently from the taint in Thaumcraft. In Arcana your world will have an overall Taint level, the hight your taint level the more aggressive the taint will spread and damage your world. Higher taint levels will mean the taint will have more power and therefore be able to do more damage and spread faster. Lower levels of taint damage can somewhat be reversed with the right tools and spells, but the more powerful the taint the more deadly and harder to remove it is. The taint level will start at 0 and will only start to spread at 5, allowing people who don’t want to use to mod, should it be in a modpack, to not need to worry about taint covering their base.

No taint biomes

Arcana will not have any taint biomes. Tainted trees, mobs and other objects will spawn in your world. When the taint level hits more than 5, they will start to convert the land around them and spread taint. Some of these objects may look perfectly normal until taint starts to spread… Maybe you should keep an eye on the pet of yours.

Let’s taint everything!

Taint in Arcana will taint everything it’s its path, every mob, tree and block. Even villagers are not safe. Villager trapped in taint spread will start to go insane. Trust me you do not want to be around when they are like that… Someone even told me they ate their own cats. You’ll be able to see taint in real-time tainting your world and converting block and mobs. Taint will also not just spread on the surface of your world. It will also taint the underground.

Here is a video showing our taint system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTECTMn36ro

Taint magic

Arcana will have its own tainted magic book for you to find new spells and objects. We’re calling it the book of taint for now, but we’re going to think of a better name soon 😀 This will be one of the 3 books of magic in the game. So sometimes you might want a higher taint level in your world. Tainted magic will come with strong ways to control taint and even use it to your advantage… But be watchful taint can be a tricky beast to tame.

A look at the book of taint.

Growing taint level

A number of things can grow the taint level, using taint for spells, killing some bosses, and making mistakes with your magic.

Controlling taint

Like in Thaumcraft taints worst nightmare is Silverwood, and in Arcana we’re expanding this a bit. Anything from a magical forest biome can help stop or slow taint, from the tall grass and mushrooms to the Silverwood trees. However, these won’t help get your taint level lower. You may have trapped the taint for now, but as the level gets higher the stronger it will get. Those Silverwood trees may not be able to hold it back forever. This is where Taint Scrubbers come in. They will clean taint and also lower the taint level. Allowing you to stop and remove the taint.

However, your world may not look the same even once the taint has gone. Anything living will be killed by the taint. So trees, grass, and land will look a bit like a wasteland.

Bigger servers

We’ve got your back. Having a world taint level will not be such a good idea here, so we’ll put in a system to turn it off and change to a personal taint level. – Still working on this bit and how it will work 😀

Final note

With Arcana we want to make taint be a real issue, but at the same time give you to tools to manage it.

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